Spoof website

A spoofed website claims to be the legitimate site of an organisation and is set up to look like the original. 

Spoofed websites usually have similar logos to the original sites and, in some cases, they may even be identical. The domain name or web address is also similar to that of the original website and will often use words related to the company's name or products.

The intention of a spoof website is usually to harvest confidential level information or to deploy viruses/ malware onto the victim’s computer. The safest way to access an authentic site is by carefully checking the URL (web address) or SSL/TLS certificate. Often these URLs will look very similar to the ones you are familiar with.

How to protect yourself from a phishing website

Be suspicious of any website that requires you to download an attachment or input information over an insecure or open connection. Not only is the website untrusted but the connection is susceptible to a man in the middle attack.

Always remember

We will never ask you to update personal information like PINs or passwords via an email or over the phone.