Business Online puts the control in your hands, enabling you to manage the setup and security requirements to suit your specific needs, without the hassle of having to communicate with the bank.

Self-service capability at your fingertips:

  • Credential management:
    • Manage Passwords: activate, reset, and lock user passwords, as well as set the expiry frequencies
    • Manage two-factor tokens: activate, reset, lock/unlock, place new token orders, as well as set users onto backup one-time passwords when tokens are unavailable
  • User management allows for the creation/deletion of user access, including the assigning of roles
  • Management of limits, including account limits, user limits, transaction limits, and beneficiary limits, which facilitate the authorisation requirements within their organisation
  • Setup of transactional and non-transactional authorisation profiles
  • Management of instruction types, including payment, transfer and collections, specifying accounts and processing options to be applied

Business Online Self-Service Benefits

  • You’re no longer dependent on our call centre for administration
  • Administration can be performed outside of normal operating hours
  • Most requests become effective immediately
  • No more costly delays to business

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