Global Liquidity Management Services

Manage your cash flow and liquidity

Complete visibility into your cash positions, global balances and transactional information is critical to day-to-day cash flow management. It enables you to better utilise available funds and may reduce interest costs through short-term bank borrowings. You will also gain the advantages of more effective forecasting and liquidity management.

Liquidity management tools

  • Cash Concentration, also referred to as sweeping or zero balancing, is a service that executes a physical transfer of funds between customers’ accounts. This allows for balances from accounts stipulated to be transferred into the nominated account for management by the client treasury department.
  • Notional Pooling is the notional offsetting of accounts on a single- or multi-entity basis. As there is no physical movement of funds, there is no co-mingling of funds between participating accounts. This reduces interest expenses by notionally offsetting debit and credit balances in the same currency and maintaining account autonomy. It allows each subsidiary company to take advantage of a single, centralised liquidity position, while still retaining daily cash management privileges – with minimal administration.
  • These are accessed via the Business Online dashboard using Single Sign-on (SSO).
  • The tool allows you to manage your cash balances and short-term investments.

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