Trade globally across multiple foreign exchanges with Standard Bank’s eMarketTrader.

With eMarketTrader, you can trade in 64 currencies across major exchanges in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

eMarketTrader offers you an advanced cross-asset online trading platform that brings together market intelligence and research, real-time pricing, trade execution and post-trade services through a single web-based platform.

Customisable trading workflows allow you to balance speed, safety and assurance. The platform has been built from the ground-up using state of the art technology and runs in popular web browsers with no need to download or install any software.

eMarketTrader benefits

  • A rich dealing experience for trading in real-time, in 64 currencies across major exchanges in Africa, Asia, Latin America and emerging Europe
  • Sophisticated deal management that supports Spot, Forwards and Swaps across a range of order types, including Limit, Stop, Call, If Done and OCO
  • Deals booked through eMarketTrader will be integrated into Business Online for use in settlement of FX payments

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eMarketTrader Features

  • Accessed via the Business Online dashboard using single sign-on (SSO)
  • You will be up-and-running just moments after you receive your secure login credentials, with no need for on-site visits or IT support
  • Real-time alert notifications of changes in order status
  • Easy navigation with customisable interfaces and work flows to suit your business treasury needs, links to research and post trade services
  • An eMarketTrader eight is available for less sophisticated clients that require simple deal booking capability